Realla is our go-to solution for marketing smaller investment sales - it provides a highly efficient way for our agents and ourselves to put together high quality collateral, and get the building in the market.
Realla has a complete snapshot of availability across the market and has become a major contributor to finding office space for our clients in Central London
I build slick marketing campaigns in 1 hour using Realla and would recommend it to anyone in JLL
Finding office space in London is a pain. Or at least it was until we came across Realla. The space we needed, where we needed, in a few clicks.
"Within The Office Group, brand and customer experience have and always will be key to our success. Online transactions are now the norm. Maintaining a consistent customer experience is getting increasingly harder. Realla’s Portal has jumped ahead of the technology curve. The automation is the best we’ve seen and we are delighted to be working so closely with them on improving both our businesses."
"For a landlord disposing of space, Realla offers a building website, PDF, email flyer, dataroom and portal presence for generating extra leads for a few hundred pounds. Plus, I can easily collaborate with my agent on how the marketing collateral is pitched. It is an exceptional offer.”
“I can track the progress of all my instructions really easily using Realla and on the go. I always know the status of an instruction when a client asks. The quality of the marketing particulars that we produce is excellent.”
“In an emerging market, property marketing is often overlooked and there is a lack of funds, strategy and focus directed towards it. Realla’s 'automation' has allowed the JLL Dubai Office Leasing team to be able to significantly improve the efficiency and quality of our marketing and we now have over 50 office leasing instructions powered by Realla at any one time. We are now listing properties across the Middle East. Being able to send property details on the move via the app is particularly useful for the team. We have completed many leasing transactions using Realla which endorses our future investment in Realla and there are certain intangible benefits.”
"I’ve been watching Realla develop over the last couple of years, and their approach to property marketing is very compelling. The offer of a free-to-list portal covering the whole market, backed by a series of time-saving, modern tools for creating collateral is a generation ahead of the old model of making PDFs and spamming the market via email."
“The commercial property industry badly needs a dedicated, high quality search engine. It finally has one in Realla. It is critical for commercial deals that they are reflected properly online and Realla's marketing suite delivers that depth of information.”